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Hello, I'm

Billy Bui,

A software developer with experience in
frontend technologies with React and
backend development with Nodejs

About Me

I'm Billy Bui, a software developer based in Canada, BC. I was a former student at BCIT and earned a certificate in Software Systems. I create front-end applications with react and back ends with C# and Express. I have gotten basic experience with typescript when creating Remix and NextJS applications such as this site!

Here are some things that I have some experience with:

  • ReactJS
  • Node
  • TypeScript
  • Express
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Git


Creamy Creations

Main Page
Create Page
Order Summary Page
Payment Made Page
Register Page
Orders Page

Creamy Creations is an application where you can customize and order a wedding cake. The application is built with ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and Razor Pages. The application also uses the PayPal API to process payments and SQLite database to store orders and user data. This this a BCIT team project with Adam Hemzal and Alex Lo.


  • PayPal
  • Send Grid
  • Password Reset
  • Forgot Password
  • Email Verification
  • Order Summary
  • Orders List


React Move

React Movie is a movie application built with React, Context API, React Router, and Twitter Bootstrap. It uses the The Movie Database API to fetch movie data. The application can show movies based on Popularity, Top Rated, Now Playing, and Upcoming. This is a team project created with Adam Hemzal.


  • React Context API
  • Main page content
  • Filer logic
  • Favorites logic
  • Genre logic


Thunder Client Parser

Thunder Client parser is a web application that has the ability to parse a Thunder Client REST api collection to a Postman v2 Collection all on client side. This is a small project that I undertook during my time at the BCIT.